Latest Movies: A Brand New Robin Hood Film is coming…..with a difference…..

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Robin Hood was once a massive box office draw for the film studios, a name that like James Bond does now, would entice the paying public to the big screen for his next adventure.

For many years now, since Kevin Costner fought the memorable Alan Rickman in the 90’s blockbuster Prince Of Thieves, the character has been non existent, apart from that Russell Crowe attempt a few years back that tried to do a Gladiator to the franchise but failed miserably at the box office.

But it seems that a new film is coming and despite the tale being told many times over, this new film will carry a different spin to the fable.

Robin Hood: 2058 is not the set in stone title yet, but you can guess where those behind this attempt are trying.  Its of course going down the future route, where if rumours are proved right, will see a rogue MI-5 agent fighting off an evil king in a futuristic London.

Comic Scribe Tony Lee has signed up to pen the script.

This is not the only Robin Hood film being planned, with a few studios having an attempt on the franchise.  Taron Egerton from Kingsman film has already signed up for Lionsgate’s planned feature, so if Robin Hood is set to release his bow, how long before the other forgotten Box Office smash Tarzan will swing back into action.


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