Latest Movies: Rumours are rife of a “secret villain” in Batman Vs Superman.



Nothing has been confirmed as of this moment, but its a news story that is spreading around, but now that the hype of Star Wars is slowly fading away, attention is turning to Batman Vs Superman and there is a possible new villain on the horizon.

Not content with having Lex Luthor, Domesday and even the Caped Crusader and Man Of Steel fighting with each other, Latino-Review are claiming that none other than Bizarro will be added to the mix.

There has been so many incarnations of Bizaroo in the DC World that even if this rumour is true we have no idea what form he be in and as this as not been denied yet, there is a strong possibility that the character will be more of a focal point for the planned Justice League film and Batman Vs Superman is merely just a set up for that story arc.

If you unsure of the character…..Bizaroo is usually described as an evil clone version of the Man Of Steel.

More as we get it!



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