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LABYRINTH, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, 1986, (c)TriStar Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection


No Just no!……

In an ill bit of timing after the recent sad death of David Bowie, its been announced that the Pop Star’s most beloved film Labyrinth is getting the remake treatment.

The 1986 fantasy film which is much loved by many and has a huge following is being lined up for a reboot by Tri-Star after they closed a deal with Jim Henson Co.

The company whose founder Jim Henson himself, directed the movie (his last) was once mulling over an idea for a direct sequel but never followed it up and it seems its officially becoming another film to join the long list of remakes in recent years.

Rumours are that Lisa Henson, the daughter of Jim is being lined up to direct and with a bit of good news. Nicole Perlman, the co-writer of Guardians Of The Galaxy is to write the script.

Labyrinth starred Jennifer Connelly) who battled her way through  puzzles and dangers of a Labyrinth in order to save her baby brother, kidnapped by the goblin king Jareth (David Bowie).

Bowie also sung and wrote all the songs and its hard to get my head around this idea of a brand new Labyrinth.

More on this as we get it…..  but lets see Bowie in action as Jareth and remind ourselves of time gone by.


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