They haven’t even started to shoot the eighth movie yet – infact I’m not sure if they’ve even written the script – and Vin Diesel has already announced through his Instagram account that the next two instalments in this box office topping series are going to happen, and will be released on April 19 2019 and April 2, 2021 respetively. I guess this will come as no surprise for many, considering how popular these movies are, but it only takes one to underperform just a little and Universal may have second thoughts about continuing the franchise which, as you probably know, I think should have finished with the last one considering its poignant conclusion. But no, these movies will probably be with us for some time, and that’s not including the spin-offs featuring various characters which could be happening too.

In the meantime, Fast 8 is going to be out on 14th April 2017 and, directed by F. Gary Gray and possibly to be shot in Cuba, seems like it will be a grittier, darker movie than the preceeding ones….



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