Every now and again we have been hearing things from series honcho Don Mancini about another Child’s Play film, but nothing concrete until recently, when he confirmed that he was working on Child’s Play 7, that the film would follow the same, darker, serious tone employed in Curse of Chucky, and that Fiona Dourif would be returning.

We’ve heard nothing since, but earlier this week Mancini took to Twitter to remind fans that he was still working on the seventh film, and a certain Jennifer Tilly responded:

RealDonMancini: Should we shoot Chucky 7 in Capetown?

Jtillathekilla 2: RealDonMancini Capetown is great. The crew is really professional and you can’t beat the weather!

So it sounds like shooting may begin very soon though it would be nice to know some plot details. In any case, Curse Of Chucky was a very pleasing ‘back to basics’ effort after the muddled Seed Of Chucky, so I have quite a bit of confidence that the next film in the series is something for us to look forward to…though of course I’d still like to see Chucky Vs Annabelle, though it’s doubtful that will ever really happen.


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