Latest Movies: Poster arrives for “Inside” remake!



Still recovering from Martyrs, then get ready for yet another French horror classic being remade for those who can’t be bothered to read subtitles.

Inside which I personally feel is even better than Martyrs and is one of the best slasher films ever put to film is getting a new polish thanks to [REC] writers Jaume Balagueró and Manu Diez with Kidnapped director Miguel Ángel Vivas behind the camera.

Above is the first official poster of the horror which will star The Wood’s Rachel Nicholsin the lead role.

“Inside follows a recently widowed mother-to-be living in an isolated new home who receives a most unwelcome visitor: a predatory woman who will stop at nothing to snatch her unborn child. Trapped and disorientated, the young mother must unleash all her reserves of strength to protect her baby and survive the night.

Like the that Martyrs remake, I expect the tone to be more friendly in this remake and no doubt the disturbing climax and overall tone of dread will be replaced for a more friendly angle.

Here is hoping that I am proved wrong.


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  1. re-watched both of these recently in a double bill the other night of both Martyrs and Inside and i agree, inside is the superior film and so graphic and brutal. Strangely enough i also watched Kidnapped recently which is equally brutal, so hoping this wont be toned down, however i see no reason for it to be remade and i doubt it will come close to the original.

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