Unless they happen to be truly bad, I love my werewolf movies, and I like the fact that slightly more than usual of them have been made of late, though they haven’t really approached zombies [which I’ve really had enough of…and I’m sure I can’t be the only person] in popularity. I was rather excited to learn that not just one but three lycanthrope movies are going to be made….until I found out that they’re based on a trilogy of ‘Young Adult’ books. Now I probably shouldn’t criticise too much,  as I’ve never actually read a ‘Young Adult’ novel, but I’ve seen many of the films based on them and they tend to follow the same tiresome pattern; teenage heroes, love triangle, dystopian future etc, and these films really do seem to be flooding the market, even when some of them like The Host and The 5th Wave flop. On the other hand I really do like the Hunger Games series, but to my mind none of the other films get near that in quality.

Anyway, MJW Media has acquired the movie rights to the trilogy called Matefinder, written by Leia Stone. It’s set in a future world [no surprises there] where the werewolf race is dying out and desperately seeks mates to bear young. The first in the series, also called Matefinder, follows an alpha werewolf, who decides to save a dying woman named Aurora by changing her into a werewolf. struggles with her past as a domestic abuse survivor, and the new violent and dominating lifestyle of a werewolf. The next two volumes Devil and Balance explore the evolving relationship between Aurora and the other werewolves, with Aurora hidden deep in the mountains.

I can’t say that I expect this to be any good, especially considering how awful the Twilight movie series was, but I live in hope. Mike Witherill, whose credits include John Wick and Drinking Buddies will produce.

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  1. Its ‘Devi’ not ‘Devil’… the books speak for themselves and they are incredible I don’t care about a movie franchise. I want Leia to write more.

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