Big Action Mega Fight! [PC Game Review]


Big Action Mega Fight!
Developed and Published by Double Stallion Games
For PC, iOS and Android

Big Action Mega Fight! is a hark back to the side-scrolling beat-em-up brawlers yet brings a modern twist with its colourful artwork and character design.

The game centres around a trio of fitness buddies who’s gym is threatened by an extortion racket, the Clunks. One of the bodybuilders, Hawk, goes outside to deal with them but is overpowered and kidnapped. Upon their return to the gym from food shopping, fellow fitness freaks Brick and Brooke discover that their friend has been taken and, with the help of their coach, Brick decides to go after the Clunks and save his friend.

As Brick, you must punch, uppercut, throw the Clunks who come your way and roll to safety from the bigger Clunks who can do you damage. Most of the Clunks you’ll meet you’ll be able to knock out with repeated jabs but one in particular, Kim, is only vunerable to uppercuts so you must remember this when beating up your foes.

Each street/building scene level only lasts a couple of minutes but it’s so fun to tap away at your keyboard to knock these thugs out, especially with our moustached hero, Brick. At first, the game guides you through the controls with movement using the traditional WASD controls whilst the actual striking controls are assigned to J (jab), I (uppercut), L (throw) and then K to roll. For someone like me who doesn’t game as much using the keyboard, the close controls between the movement keys on my left hand and the combat keys on my right hand cause a bit of strain after playing for a while but a quick break usually fixes this.

After a few tutorial levels, the game gets progressively harder with stronger foes introduced to the levels and exploding chickens which can be launched behind you to take out the oncoming Clunks. Whilst most of the levels will require you just to take out all the enemies, of which you get coins for doing so, occasionally you’ll come across timed levels which will rely on you using special abilities at the correct time to be able to defeat the onslaught of Clunks before the timer runs out. These special abilities can be bought with the coins you collect from defeating Clunks, as can upgrades to Power and Health. The special abilities include a fist tornado that is mightily useful to take out a swarm of enemies in one go. You’ll find it your best friend in the timed levels but, like most special abilities, you’ll have to fill a special meter up first before you can use it.

Big Action Mega Fight! is an upbeat game and whilst it can get a bit repetitive at times, its ease of gameplay makes it a super fun arcade-like experience that you can dip in and out of. The fast paced scenarios means in 36 minutes I managed to get through 15 levels. It really is accessible to gamers of all ability, young and old, and has Steam achievements for those who enjoy unlocking them as well as Steam trading cards which can be collected to turn into a badge.

With a comedic, engaging storyline and wonderful design, you can’t go wrong with Big Action Mega Fight! for a dose of beat-em-up fun for a cheap as chips £3.99. Once you get stuck into the game, you’ll find it hard to put it down. Just one more level…

Rating: ★★★½☆

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