I can’t say that I’m bothered by the fact that Relativity’s proposed remake of The Crow keeps on having problems. The original film is another one that doesn’t need to be remade in my opinion. In fact, it actually makes me laugh that it’s now hit more hurdles, though I do feel sorry for director Corin Hardy. The reboot was first mooted  back in 2009, when the Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation, which produced the Brandon Lee-starring original, struck a deal with Relativity  to give the studio an option to three The Crow films, an option which was exercised in 2014, giving Relativity three years to begin principal photography. Then in 2012 the Weinstein Co. sued Relativity, claiming that they had worldwide distribution rights to The Crow remake; the two sides settled out of court the following year. However, the project still struggled to get off the ground. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Stephen Norrington and F. Javier Gutiérrez, were linked as directors at different points, while Jack Huston, Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, and Bradley Cooper were all in talks to star, but nothing seemed to work out. In 2014, Relativity hired Hardy to direct, and nearly lost him in September 2015 when the studio hit financial troubles, but managed to sign him to a holding deal in November, with plans to begin shooting in March.

However, post-bankruptcy, Relativity has instilled a new president of production, Dana Brunetti, and the decision has been made to let Brunetti start fresh with a reboot of The Crow, rather than have him take over the existing version of the project. Hence, Hardy has been let go. But now Pressman is claiming that Relativity violated its contract by not consulting with Pressman before making that decision, and is considering filing a motion that will deny Relativity all rights to remakes, reboots etc., though Relativity’s contract runs out next year anyway.

I think it’s now doubtful that we’ll ever see this new version of The Crow…..which is not a bad thing in my book.


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