Following in the foot steps of the two somewhat mediocre Angelina Jolie starrers, a new Tomb Raider movie has apparently been considered by MGM for some time. We don’t yet know who is writing the script, but the producers,  who were reportedly trying to find a woman to direct the picture, eventually settled on Roar Uthaug [the Norwegian disaster movie The Wave]. I haven’t seen The Wave so I can’t comment, but Uthaug is a bit of a surprising choice nonetheless.

But of course this franchise is really all about who takes the title role [script?….nah, that’s not important!], and Deadline reports that Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Scrawl star Daisy Ridley is being considered for the role. We don’t know who else is in the running. I would personally pick Emily Blunt to play the part, but she doesn’t seem like the kind of person to tie herself down in this manner. The question remains if Ridley will want to star in two franchises [assuming the first new Tomb Raider film is a hit], one of them being a franchise that seems set to carry on indefinitely going by what we’ve been hearing.

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