There was a time when I thought that Eli Roth was a highly promising filmmaker with some horror classics ahead of him, but he hasn’t so far fulfilled that promise. I haven’t yet seen The Green Inferno, I admit, but judging by its overall reception, plus more importantly what our own Bat and Ross said about the film, it sounds like another disappointment, if certainly enjoyable. After his middling Knock Knock, the next feature film on Roth’s slate was going to be Meg, an adaptation of a novel of the same title by Steve Alten about the hunt for a giant prehistoric Megalodon shark that is terrorising the coast of China. This film was first planned back in 1997, and since then there have been several different scripts for a project that initially resided at New Line, where Jan de Bont was going to direct and Guillermo del Toro was going to produce, but after two and a half years of production and millions of dollars spent, New Line pulled the plug. A short while after Disney bought the rights, but little was done and they were sold to Warners, Roth eventually coming on board.

However, it seems that Roth is no longer attached to the film. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted a somewhat bloodier creature feature then the producers envisaged or wanted, though rumours are that Roth felt uneasy about directing a movie with a budget that is already spiralling in its new incarnation. His replacement is rumoured to be Jon Turteltaub of National Treasure and Cool Runnings, which is evidence that Warner Bros. want Meg to be more of a family movie, something that Roth probably isn’t interested in making. Though they’ve certainly been enjoyable, none of Turteltaub’s films have really wowed me and I’m not sure that he’s the right guy for Meg, but I could be proved wrong.

Still, what with more Jurassic World, more Godzilla, more King Kong and more Pacific Rim on the horizon, it’s certainly an exciting time for giant monster lovers like myself….


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