Latest Film: Indy 5 has its writer…..the same guy who wrote the last one….GULP!


With Indiana Jones all set to crack out his whip in the next film: Indiana Jones And The Quest For A Bus Pass,  all attention now is what Disney are planning for the fifth film.

With Harrison Ford defying his age and coming back for another bout of high octane adventure, and Steven Spielberg returning to direct, all fans including myself are hoping that this will recover the damage made by the last film that contained a scene of Indy surviving a blast by hiding in a fridge………yes…….I will not forget….

The first bit of news is that David Koepp has been drafted in to write the script, a guy with such hits like Jurassic Park under his belt, but also the last film starring Indy…………yes I will not forget…..

No one knows if he is working on his own ideas or that of Spielberg, but its safe to say that George Lucas is not involved in this whatsoever.

After the success of Star Wars, Disney will want to make sure that Indy 5 will follow the same path!

More as we get it!

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