Latest Movies: What the???? Dark Angel 2 is coming?????


What the Dolph?

In one of the most surprising news of the year, the 80’s cult classic Dark Angel which starred Dolph Lundgren as cop Jack Caine, chasing a vicious alien (Matthias Hues) who was using human bodies to manufacture drugs (yes….you read that correctly), is getting a sequel.

The film which was directed by Craig R. Baxley and co-written by none other than David Koepp, is regarded as one of 80’s most cherished cult films, gaining a massive fan base over the years and is probably Lundgren’s best film.

So how come a sequel?  Well it was announced by the alien himself, Hues…who had this to say:

Why do things take two decades to happen? I want to think it’s to bring the barrel to the boil and have it explode as it starts to spill over! Too many fans have asked for it. I have done more than 30 films and no matter where I go in the world, it’s always ‘Hey Dude, I come in Peace!’ I have gotten so used to hearing it, that it will feel so natural to start saying it again. (Or perhaps something else that two decades from now another generation will shout after me when I walk down the streets or some dark alley!) We start this year! So I need to start warming up my legs, because I remember there was a lot of running and jumping!

I COME IN PEACE,” he added.

There you have it?  Is Dolph returning?  Who knows but if he can agree to star in something like Kindergarten Cop 2, then there is a chance.


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