For me, The Martian was Ridley Scott’s best film in some time, so a longer version sounds like a good thing to me. His original cut, said the director some time ago, to Collider.com;

“Was two hours and 40 minutes. All the cuts we do our pretty well put together, even with temp music and a good soundtrack. That said, the film was too long at two hours and 45, but it was enjoyable. It easily could be a Blu-ray alternative version. Funnily enough, I was sad to see go the inevitable question, as we got intimate details about how you grow food and what do you use for fertilizer, you have to ask the question: when he’s on the road, how and when does he do the necessary? So I made this beautiful self-inflated tent, which is an airlock, so that daily he could go in there. With baby wipes, he cleans himself the best he could and does whatever he has to do. That’s a good one I miss; it just tells you how. Even at the end of the day, when you see him in the rocket at the end, has he gotten scurvy? Absolutely. Is he melting down? Are his organs being affected by his lack of a more efficient diet? Absolutely. That’s why he’s scarred, marked, and sawed, like a baby rash”.

I will admit that, my mind being what it is, I was thinking about all that myself! Now we heard rumblings about an extended cut of The Martian when it had just hit cinemas, and a fun though minor deleted scene, featuring Mark Watney [Matt Damon] discussing the “Mark Watney syllabus”, made its way online. Rumours that the initial Blu-ray/ DVD release may contain a longer cut proved false, but it’s now been confirmed that later this year we might see Scott’s longer version of the film. The Digital Bits recently attended a forum at the Fox lot, called “The Journey to Mars 101.” The outlet confirmed with the studio that an extended cut is currently in production at Fox. It’s not on their release schedule right now, but there’s a good chance that we’ll see the special-edition Blu-Ray later this year. Though this hasn’t been confirmed, it’ll probably be packed with extra features too and will be the defintive home release of the film, which will annoy some buyers who will now have to double dip. I heven’t bought the first release yet [I actually had a gut feeling that a better version may come out] so am happy to wait….as long as it doesn’t take too long….


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