Latest Movies: GROAN! Indy 5 will continue where Crystal Skull ended!


OK!, we really have to trust Disney with this one!

But after the disaster that was Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull, (I mean surviving a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge?), Franchise Producer Frank Marshall has confirmed that the next sequel will in fact continue from where that story ended!

Now Marshall has not gone into any detail, only given this brief snippet, but die hard fans are actually having an internet meltdown, especially as every single other Indy film have virtually been stand alone stories.

But what could he actually mean?

My guess is after the critical flop of the much anticipated last film, we meet up with Indy and he probably is still married to Marion and has a son Mutt, which does not necessary mean that Karen Allen and  Shia LaBeouf need to return and we very much doubt LaBeouf will be offered his role back.

But they could be mentioned now and again, especially with Indy talking about married life.   What we do expect is the film to move away from Aliens and other nonsense and go back to basics but with Production not due till 2018 at best, us fans have to continue to speculate at what exactly Disney are going to offer us!

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