Latest Movies: The Batman V Superman negative ripple as Flash director quits and Wan considers leaving Aquaman

The Flash

Lets make it clear, Batman V Superman is not a flop!

Its a bit down on the money side that Warner Bros wanted, but its still taken mouth watering amount at the box office and can be considered a bit of success, even though the amazing drop off over the weeks and the surge of negativity, has made it feel like a disaster.

Word has developed over night that The Flash film ( not to be confused with the brilliant TV Show) has seen its director Seth Grahame-Smith walk away from the project citing “Creative differences” as the reason he has gone.

This is not the first time this has happened in a Superhero film, with Edgar Wright once signed up to direct Ant-Man, so we can take this as something that just happens on a project, with insiders claiming that Smith walked away because his vision did not match that of the studios.

But worrying news also has come that James Wan is considering leaving the Aquaman project.  The well known horror director is rumoured to be feeling “a tremendous amount of trepidation” about bringing the character to the big screen, may be due to the negativity around his cameo appearance in Batman V Superman.

Has the negative effect of BVS caused a ripple?  With Suicide Squad having intensive reshoots (which is claimed was already planned) and now with Smith walking away and Wan maybe, is the universe WB are trying to create to match Marvel in danger of collapsing?  Especially as die-hard fans are still petitioning for Zack Snyder to be removed from the Justice League films!

Only time will tell, but the one thing we can be sure of, is that Batman’s tussle with the Man Of Steel has caused waves that everyone wanted, but not in the style we expected.

Warner Bros and DC have not confirmed the departure of Smith yet and make note, the Wan rumours are just that rumours, but Birth.Movies.Death’s Devin Faraci has broke the news overnight and over the last recent months, they have been spot on with everything concerning DC’s film world.

More as we get it!


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