It’s hard to believe it’s now been nine years since the blockbuster that was Avatar. I was distinctly underwhelmed by it myself [though I think a second viewing is in order], and it didn’t really blow me away technically either, but it was a real event movie that people just had to go and see. It’s not much talked about these days, and one wonders if James Cameron’s increasingly ambitious plans for an Avatar franchise will get that much interest in today’s increasingly stale superhero-dominatded climate. Plus of course there’s the matter of all these adventures in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Well, amidst the news that, next year, Pandora – The World Of Avatar will be opening in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort at a cost of $500 million, and that there’s now going to be four, rather than three, sequels [planned for 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023] Cameron revealed more about his series to Famous Monsters Of Filmland.

“It’s not back-to-back. It’s really all one big production. It’s more the way you would shoot a miniseries. So we’ll be shooting across all the films simultaneously. So Monday I might be doing a scene from Movie Four, and Tuesday I’m doing a scene from Movie One. … We’re working across, essentially, eight hours of story. It’s going to be a big challenge to keep it all fixed in our minds, exactly where we are, across that story arc at any given point. It’s going to be probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m sure the actors will be challenged by that as well. It’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, this person hasn’t died yet, so you’re still in this phase of your life.’ It’s a saga. It’s like doing all three Godfather films at the same time.”

“My original plan was to release them a year apart, but we’re opening that up. If for no other reason than that I don’t want to land on the same date as one of the Star Wars sequels. That wouldn’t be fair to them. No, that’s just good business. I don’t want to go head-to-head with Star Wars. That would be stupid. And hopefully they won’t want to go head-to-head with us”. 

The battle for blockbuster box office supremacy is going to get more intense….

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