Maybe he was paid to say this, and he is executive producer and has a cameo in it, but Dan Aykroyd has apparently seen Paul Feig’s controversial reboot of the classic that is Ghostbusters, posting on Facebook:

“As originator of the original: Saw test screening of new movie. Apart from brilliant, genuine performances from the cast both female and male, it has more laughs and more scares than the first two films plus Bill Murray is in it! As one of millions of man-fans and Ray Stantz, I’m paying to see that and bringing all my friends!”

I suppose this sounds promising, though it doesn’t automatically mean that the film is better overall. I remain to be convinced, not so much because the cast is female led, but because none of Feig’s previous work has made me laugh much, the trailer gives the impression of a shrill, broadly comedic but irritating movie and….well let’s just say that I’m not a Melissa McCarthy fan. McCarthy herself was recently asked by The Guardian how she feels about the backlash against the movie and replied:

“All those comments – ‘You’re ruining my childhood!’ I mean, really. Four women doing any movie on earth will destroy your childhood? I have a visual of those people not having a Ben [Falcone, McCarthy’s husband], not having friends, so they’re just sitting there and spewing hate into this fake world of the internet. I just hope they find a friend”.

It’s not long till July 15th when we will all find out for ourselves if this remake was worth undertaking!



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