Latest Movies: Megan Fox wants to be Indiana Jones……(Yep its a slow news day)


Megan Fox may have wowed the male fan base in the Transformers franchise and is currently doing the April O’ Neil gig in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but there is one role that she really wants and would love to play………Miss Indiana Jones.

With there being no chance of this happening, what with Harrison Ford not giving up his iconic role anytime soon, Fox who stressed at first she would have loved the Lara Croft role, but with that moving on to Alicia Vikander, Fox turned to Indiana….

“I’d go with Indiana Jones, since I always loved how fun and free-spirited Indiana is. He’s an adventurous rogue archaeologist who barely escapes death chasing down treasures among the earth’s most mysterious sites. What’s not to love?”

With zero chance of this happening, this news story was only done because

A: Its a Monday Morning and its a slow start…..

B: Just an excuse to post that image of her in that Super Girl outfit……


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