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It seems Warner Bros haven’t really learnt from the mistakes of Batman V Superman and are once more preparing to rush in on a DC Franchise.

One of the reasons why the superhero blockbuster was met with such negativity was because the film seemed rushed and instead of developing the characters and setting them up in their own world, they created a film that barely gave fans time to breath and even instantly announced a Justice League Parts 1 and 2, before the release of a film that starts it all.

With the critical mess and some deep wounds within the studio, you would think that the studio would take a breather and take stock of the next stage, but no…….with the encouraging feed back from fans of Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad, as glimpsed in the trailers, there are reports this evening that plans are being made, a script is being written to give that character another movie.

So once more, instead of letting Suicide Squad be released and see what the fans think, they are rushing ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, Margot Robbie looks amazing from the clips we have seen, but I am sure many of us, still hurt at the mess of Batman V Superman, would rather Warner Bros just relax a little, see how Suicide Squad fares, hopefully Robbie proves us all right and becomes the ultimate Harley and then build from there.

Early reports are suggesting her film will be based around more female heroes and villains and the likes of Batgirl and Birds Of Prey have been mentioned.

Much pressure has been put on Suicide Squad’s shoulders to deliver to the masses and while we at HCF are confident it will, another flop would surely put a huge question mark on not just Harley Quinn’s future but that of all of DC’s film universe.

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