Latest Movies: Warner Bros reveals “Who was Robin?” in Batman V Superman


One of the most talked about scenes in the recent Batman V Superman was the glimpse of Robin’s suit, that had the words “Haha Jokes On You Batman”.

You did not have to be a genius to realise that this implied that Robin was most probably dead and that the Joker was the one who dealt the final blow.

What we weren’t sure though, is what “Robin” it was?  Are DC going to follow the comics and have the original Boy Wonder now suited up as Nightwing and that Jason Todd took over the mantle?

Well Warner Bros over the weekend confirmed that the suit we saw and the Robin that died was in fact Jason Todd, which now opens up a whole new possibilities because the rumours are that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film will be based on the classic “Under the Red Hood” which if you unfamiliar with the story, brings Todd back from the dead and becoming an enemy of Batman himself.

But with whispers that Affleck’s film will contain cameos from nearly all of the Villains Batman has faced, it seems we all have to wait and see what is planned, but one thing is for certain, while negativity still surrounds Batman’s tussle with Superman, his own film in a few years is gaining massive positive vibes from fans everywhere.

More as we get it!

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