Latest TV: Image of Kate Cassidy as the Black Siren is released for The Flash


You can’t keep a good woman down!

One of the most frustrating plot lines of ARROW and the one that has the most complaints is that no one seems to die in the show.  With Sara coming back many times, to the Green Arrow himself surviving an impossible cliff fall (after being stabbed in the chest), the show has rightly been ridiculed by fans for its failure to carry out its ideas.

When Katie Cassidy died in a recent episode, fans were questioning if the Black Canary was gone for good, but this time the writers have more or less said, she is dead and there is no way she will return.

So ladies and gentleman, welcome Katie Cassidy in The Flash……shock horror!

Before you start moaning and going “not again”, this is not the character we knew, but of her evil Earth 2 counterpart, the Black Siren who will be teaming up with Zoom in the penultimate episode of season 2.

“Cisco reacts in a pretty unexpected way. There’s a little bit of a morbid shock, because the characters have an awareness to the fact that Laurel Lance is dead. That death had some effect on these characters in this world. So to see Black Siren, more than anything, is a shock to the senses. To know that someone relatively close to you is dead and to see a version of them still alive would be harrowing and jarring for anyone. There’s a bit of a disturbance there in terms of seeing her like that again.”

Could this lead to this Katie returning to the show full time?  Doubt it!  Despite the fans still angry and frustrated at her needless death that ruined what could have been a brilliant character arc that has grown since the very first season.


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