While we wait for more news about this proposed Transformers Cinematic Universe that was mentioned a while back, we can tell you that the next film to feature the Robots In Disguise will be called Transformers: The Last Knight. Which is a slightly odd title, to be honest. Director Michael Bay, who initially said he wasn’t going to do another Transformers film [doesn’t he say that just after every one?] but changed his mind [presumably when Paramount let him make 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi], also announced that the new film begins production next week in Cuba. A few hours after that, the official Transformers Twitter page as well as Mark Wahlberg announced that Josh Duhamel, who played William Lennox in the first three Transformers movies, will reprise his role for The Last Knight. There is also talk that Tyrese Gibson may be returning to the franchise. This is a bit strange considering that Age Of Extinction was a sort of a fresh start, and I just hope that Shia Lebeouf and bloody Megan Fox don’t follow suit.

We don’t know anything yet about the plot of the new film. My guess it that it’ll be pretty much the same story as all the others, though there seemed to be hints at the end of Age Of Extinction that it could take place in space. Which makes sense considering one of the other franchises it’s competing with!

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