CLASSROOM 6 (2015)

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CLASSROOM 6 (2015)
Written and Directed by Jonas Odenheimer

When a male teacher and female student go missing from a school, the surrounding community are led to believe that the couple were romantically involved and ran away to start a new life together. However, some of the pupils are convinced that something darker was at work and that the professor, who taught classes about dark and magical history, may have opened a portal to another world and let something he shouldn’t have out into the school.

Hearing these rumours, TV reporter Annie and her team, alongside a medium, decide to camp out in the professor’s old classroom where the dark magic has said to have happened – classroom 6. Will they discover the truth of what happened to the missing couple?

Found footage supernatural horror CLASSROOM 6 tells the tale of Annie and co’s investigative TV report and what happened during their lock in at the school. Opening with a statement from the former head of the TV station she worked for, explaining what a kind, passionate and talented reporter Annie was, we’re soon into the footage of the crew’s experience.

Right from the offset it’s clear to see this film was made on a budget. Now, I’m not against low budget movies as time has shown there’s an incredible amount of talent out there. However, some people think that making a film a ‘found footage’ movie is the perfect cover-up excuse for their inability to have an enticing script, quality screenplay and competent handling of a camera. The latter is the biggest issue for me. From the beginning of the film, the camera is all over the place. From whizzing around to zooming in and out on individuals who are being interviewed, I, not for one minute, am convinced that this character behind the camera is meant to be a TV cameraman by trade. No TV station in their right mind would employ such an inept individual. I’ve seen student movies steadier than this. If you manage to not throw up or be hit by nausea by watching this film, then count yourself lucky albeit if only for a little while.

Beyond the camera issues, there’s next to no story in CLASSROOM 6 once we’re past the idea of potential portals being opened by the missing teacher. From thereon in, the film is basically a checklist of what to expect from supernatural low budget type movies: lights flicking on and off, noises in the dark, tables moving by themselves and people being rapidly dragged across the floor. Don’t even get me started on the medium with his tennis balls and compass. It’s all very tiring to watch as we’ve seen it all before and done so much better than this attempt. The characters, script and screenplay are just too dull and fail to create excitement or tension and instead just leave you with a headache and, if like me, you may end up nodding off.

Whilst an interesting idea to play with initially, the plot thread of CLASSROOM 6 is never truly capitalised on leaving a sub-average movie in its wake.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


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