blood feast

Now here’s one remake I think will surpass the original. The 1963 Blood Feast from Herschell Gordon Lewis is hardly a great picture with its terrible acting, shoddy direction and poor storytelling. I doubt even its fans would admit this, despite its ground breaking gore effects. Therefore it wouldn’t be that hard for a remake to improve on it and, judging by this trailer, this one certainly seems like it will do that. The acting, at least, seems professsional now, while it doesn’t look like they’re stinting on the red stuff either, which looks likes good old practical special effects.

Synopsis: Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms.

After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread. He starts to prepare a ritual feast to honor his new mistress, a lavish affair dripping with blood, organs, and intestines of human victims. As butchered bodies are heaped upon the Altar of Ishtar, Fuad slowly slips further into madness until he is no more than the goddess’ puppet; and she thirsts for the blood of Fuad’s wife and daughter too…

Marcel Wals directs from a script by Philip Lilienschwarz. The film stars Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sophie Monk, and Sadie Katz. No release dates yet!


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