Latest Movies: Bruce Willis and Eli Roth team up for DEATH WISH remake

Bruce Willis

Don’t quite know what to make of this one!

The Death Wish franchise starring Charles Bronson was once a lucrative box office draw, spawning four sequels with the last one “Faces of Death” coming out in 1994.

Its been long mooted that a remake was on the cards and a few months back we revealed that Bruce Willis was taking over the lead role for the new film and then we were met with silence.  What we are being told is, original directors  Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado wanted to make changes to the script which Willis was happy with and so the duo have left the project, potentially leaving it in limbo once more.

But not anymore as in steps horror maestro Eli Roth who has reportedly agreed to take over the reigns to virtually make his first proper action film, with no doubt a hint of horror.

With Willis career stalling of late, with more direct to DVD films than actual box-office hits and with Roth not really making waves within the horror genre, both of them need a big hit and it be interesting to see what becomes of this Death Wish red0.

More as we get it!


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