Latest Movies: Have we just had a glimpse of the all new Pennywise?



IT is one of the most baffling of horror films of all time!

On one hand lets be honest its not very good!  A kind of Stand By Me meets Slash, with a terrible ending that still infuriates to this day.

But on then on the other hand, it does have Tim Curry as Pennywise who is quite possibly one of the most scariest horror creations of all time, a demented clown that ever since he was first seen back in the 90’s, has been engrained into the minds of clown haters everywhere, regardless if you have seen the film or not!

The remake of IT has just started Production after years of stumbling around and the director  Andres Muschetti a few months back, put this drawing up on the Net and its only now film sites (thanks to an eagle eyed critic over on Bloody Disgusting) are sharing.


As you can see its a clear drawing of a clown and its so different to what we have seen of Pennywise and if this turns out to be true, then we can only now start to imagine the potential that this IT remake can offer.

Any film that has killer clown has its main scare factor is a must watch and with Bill Skarsgard taking up the mantle of the role, we may be only a few weeks of away of having our first glimpse of a bogyman that potentially can give us nightmares for years to come!

IT’s first part (its a two film deal) is set for release on September 8, 2017.



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