Latest Movies: So why did Disney order a Rouge One reshoot?


After the huge success of A Force Awakens, which gave all Star Wars fans a new hope, after the bitter aftertaste of those prequels. news this week that the first spin off Rogue One was being told to have some “reshoots” because Disney was not happy, was met with huge sighs of worry from fans.

After Jar Jar Binks ruined a childhood memory for many, you can understand that any negative news surrounding the franchise causes ripples within the fan base, but today The Hollywood Reporter have got their hands on why the reshoots were ordered and its not as bad as it seems.

What they have reported is that Disney thought the film was more like a “war movie” and of a different feel to what Star Wars fans expect from their films and have asked for scenes to be more “fun” and “fitting into the tone of what makes the franchise great”.

Overall there are rumours that Gareth Edwards has pulled this tale off and fans will be delighted when its released in December.

I for one would have liked to have seen a more darker tale considering its moving away from the main franchise, and having a Star Wars movie that felt like a proper war movie does seem like a good idea, but with Disney pulling the strings and after the success of last year’s film, who are am I to argue?




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