Latest TV: Whoa!!! Kevin Smith announces Mallrats TV Show!


After the much critical success of Clerks, Kevin Smith came up with Mallrats, a film that came across more mainstream than his debut film but has over the years became a much cult classic in its own right.

For the last few years, especially after the success of Clerks II, Smith has toyed fans with the idea of Mallbrats, a long awaited sequel, but it all went quiet, especially as the acclaimed writer/director has branched out to the horror genre for his last few films.

But now Smith has finally given fans the answer to the follow up and its coming to the small screen near you.

Yes, Mallrats is becoming a 10 part TV event that Universal are helping to make, but no news yet if the likes of Jason Lee, is to return to their roles.

How will this work in TV Formula is anyone’s guess and we bring you the latest news as this now breaking story develops.


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