dungeons and dragons

Though it didn’t last that long, I certainly went through a phase in my teens when I used to play the fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, which remains highly popular. It’s surprising that we had to wait until 2000 to get a movie adaptation, and when it came out it made litttle impression and wasn’t much to speak of, though it got two ‘straight to DVD’ sequels, neither of which I’ve seen. Much better was the 80’s cartoon series, which is still exciting and inventive fun when seen today.

For some time there was a legal battle between Hasbro and Sweetpea, who exercised an option on the film rights but then sold them to Warner Bros, but that now seems over. The new film already has its director in Goosebumps helmer Rob Letterman [seems like a good choice], its writer in Devid Leslie Johnson [The Conjuring 2, and its first star, Ansel Elgort [The Fault In Our Stars].

I just hope Venger will be in it…


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