BREAKING NEWS: Adam Wingards “The Woods” is in fact BLAIR WITCH 3!

blair witch 3

Well this is truly a huge massive surprise.

When it was announced that Adam Wingard was doing a horror film set in the woods, many thought it was just going to be another Blair Witch rip off, and back in April of last year, Bloody Disgusting reported that the film was in fact shooting as a Blair Witch project, a news story we covered, but again there was no announcement from anyone involved.

The trailer came out and there was nothing of note that connected the film to its previous entries, but last night when it was shown at Comic-Con, there were gasps everywhere as a new trailer was released and guess what?…….The Woods is actually called Blair Witch.

The film is centred around the brother of the original Heather Donahue who goes back to Burkittsville, Maryland to search for his long lost sister and while we at HCF have not seen the film yet, there are a few who have and are calling it one of the “scariest films ever made”

Here is a quote from Bloody Disgusting’s Mr Disgusting who has seen the film and whose splendid review is over on their wonderful site… please hurry over and have a read!

“Blair Witch’ is that game-changer horror fans desperately have been waiting for. It will usher in a new breed of genre films that are targeted at creating an emotional experience above all else. “Scary” is probably an understatement as this may just be the first film since ‘The Exorcist’ that will leave younger audiences scarred for life.”  Mr Disgusting.  Bloody Disgusting!

Excited much?  Here is the new updated trailer!


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  1. Oh dear, that means I don’t want to watch it now.
    I found absolutely “Nothing” remotely scary or worth sitting an hour and a half for. Unfortunately I paid for the tickets, so I sat through the whole tedious, wobbly mess.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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