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You’ve probably heard that there’s been much debate about the decision to have Mr. Sulu gay in the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond. Fans seem to be virtually evenly divided on the issue. George Takei, who played the original incarnation of the character, and who is gay himself and a champion of LGBTQ rights, said the decision was “really unfortunate”, and “twisted Gene Roddenberry’s creation”, also saying that a new gay character should have been introduced instead. His opinion is one that I pretty much agree with. Why change iconic characters for the sake of political correctness? I also have no problem whatsoever with a new character being introduced who is homosexual.

Writer Simon Pegg bounced back with:

“In a way, it’s George’s character. I can understand why he feels strongly about it. I don’t see why everyone is bickering about it. It’s about f****** time. Let’s just do it.”

Now, Rod Roddenberry, the son of the creator of Star Trek, says this his father would have been:

“100 per cent in favour of a gay character. There’s so much going on in the world today. I think he would love any sort of social issue being brought into Star Trek.”

This is probably true, and if he had been allowed to, he would have probably had a gay character in the series, but note how he avoids mentioning whether that character should have been Sulu, or whether they should be changing the sexuality of a character who wasn’t originally written as homosexual.

This argument will probably continue….

Star Trek Beyond is in cinemas July 22.

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