Actually, Joe Carnahan said of the belated third instalment in the Bad Boys franchise “it will be the strongest of the trilogy thus far” which actually doesn’t make any sense if you think about it. Anyway, he seems pretty confident as to its quality. In an interview with io9, he said:

“It’s the strongest script of any of those movies. Hands down. In a walk over. Unless you’ve made Toy Story 3, usually third ones aren’t the strongest, and I think this one will be the strongest of the trilogy thus far.”

“There are obviously little things you want to tip your hat to, but I think the danger is indulging in this slavish ‘We have to check all these boxes tendency]’. There are these legions of people demanding your head because you didn’t bring back John Salley or you didn’t bring back Joe Pantoliano. I think you have to be careful with that. I’m always interested in ‘I know what has been done. What hasn’t been done?’ If not, it’s just regurgitating old tropes and ideas and that’s not fun for anybody.”

“When you’re coming back after 15 years, you better come back with a home run ball. And I really believe that’s what we have. We’ve got a responsibility to make something that’s absolutely equivalent or exceeds what comes before. That’s a really important thing for all of us.”

Bold words from Mr Carnahan. We won’t get to see whether he’s right or wrong [I can’t say I agree with him about Toy Story 3 though!] until January 12, 2018.

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