Latest Movies: Move over Cumberbatch and Freeman, Ferrell & Reilly to play Sherlock and Watson!


Even the thought of Will Ferrell and John C Reilly as the iconic infamous literature creations Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson is enough to make me smile, so imagine how happy I am to write that the duo have agreed to be the pair in a new SONY film.

While there is no sign of a Step Brothers sequel coming, this will do quite nicely.  As you can guess,  the film which will be called Holmes and Watson, will be of a comedy tone and will mark the third time the duo have appeared in a film together.

The downside is the film is rumoured to be looking at a PG13 rating which means the dark taste and some vulgar moments that warranted many of chuckles in the films Step Brothers and Talladega Nights are more or likely to be missing!

No release date is yet released, but we keep you posted!


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