Latest Movies: What the??? David Fincher in talks for World War Z sequel!

world war z4

Well this is a shocking turn of events!

With World War Z earning more than enough money to warrant a sequel, there is no denying that the production was mixed with difficulty.  Re-shoots and friction through out made original director Marc Forster walk away from the franchise for good and while Juan Antonio Bayona was attached to helm the follow up, he also walked away to take charge of the much anticipated Jurassic World sequel.

It did seem that WWZ 2 was stuck in limbo, but news is reaching us that David Fincher, yes, he of Se7en and Fight Club, is in talks to direct which all of a sudden has made the film a tantalising prospect!

If he agrees, and it be the first time he has taken over a franchise, since his experience on A L I E N 3, he will re-team with Brad Pitt who is also returning in the lead role.

Lets hope this is one deal that will go through.


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