Though it wasn’t the box office smash expected, Edge of Tomorrow [which I did enjoy greatly but felt it was messed with by the studio a bit too much] has alot of fans, many of which were excited when director Liman and star Cruise were reuniting for Mena, the Gary Spinelli script for which was on the 2014 Black List of best unmade screen plays. Ron Howard was going to direct but eventually passed so Liman took it over. It’s based on the true story of a fired TWA pilot who becomes a drug smuggler for the Medellín cartel and then turns into an informant for the DEA and the CIA. Says Liman:

“I love stories of improbable heroes working against the system, and Barry Seal took the government, and our country, for an unbelievable ride. Interpreting his story has the makings for an entertaining film that is equal parts satire, suspense and comedy – and always surprising”.

It was originally called Mena [meaning Mena, Arkansas, where the airport that Seal used to smuggle drugs is], but is now being retitled American Made. Aren’t you just sick of these titles that begin with “American”? Universal has also pushed back the release by over eight months, to September 29, 2017.

The film also stars Domhnall Gleeson, Jesse Plemons and Lola Kirke.

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