Real LIfe: Cult TV hit Making A Murderer sees a conviction overturned!


Some shocking news developed over night, as fans of the massive cult Netflix show Making A Murderer heard that one of the convictions have been sensationally overturned.

While the case was and still is focused on the main man Steven Avery, it was also the sentence of his then 17 year old nephew Brendan Dassey that caught many viewers eye, with the actual video tape of him being questioned, proving quite uncomfortable to watch.

While both were sentenced for life for the murder of Teresa Halbach, last night, a judge quashed the conviction of Dassey, ruling that his rights were violated as there was no adult present when being questioned.

The judge also added that Dassey’s learning disabilities had made him more susceptible to  interrogators, especially as it seemed like they were feeding the facts of the crime to the young lad, helping him to confess to the murder.

Guilty or not and that is up to you to decide if you have still not yet seen the gripping and popular show yet, Dassey is more likely to be freed in the next 90 days, but as for Avery, there is still no movement on his case.

Netflix have already confirmed a second season of the show, which no doubt will show this shocking turn of events as it happened.

A release date for Making A Murderer 2 has not yet been set!


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