Latest Movies: Blair Witch shocker! Writer confirms one theory of new film!


Anyone who as read my new Timey Wimey feature on the new Blair Witch will know that I sort of hinted about this, but now Simon Barrett, who wrote the new film, as more or less confirmed the one theory going around!


Barrett over on the land of Twitter as admitted that we never actually do see the Blair Witch in the new film!  This of course as caused ripples of debate between fans who suspected that the twig like figure glimpsed at the climax was in fact the infamous woman, but it now seems, sadly it was not!

So who was it?

I still believe it was Elly Kedward who was executed in such brutal fashion in the 1700’s by the use of twigs, hence the appearance of said figure.  Now I admit it does turn the whole mythology on its head, because for many years Kedward was considered to be the actual Blair Witch, but it does seem that there is an awful lot of scary shit happening in those woods.

Having watched the film again, there is so much unexplained stuff that it seems like we are watching an episode of LOST, and its the kind of film, that you will see something new every time that will cause a debate.

Sadly though with the box-office not so good, we probably never will get the answers that avid fans want!


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