Latest Movies: Good News – A new Re-Animator is coming! Bad News – Its a remake!


In an age where horror remakes are the norm, where everyday we at HCF seem to post even more news of an upcoming one, it seems the trend as turned its head towards to the amazing Re-Animator franchise, yes guys, a new adaptation is coming!

In what is being described as sticking close to its “original works of H.P. Lovecraft, the new movie is called Re-Animator: Evolution and this is happening for sure, all thanks to the guys at Bloody Disgusting who got wind of a new sequel (one that was being promised for years) but finally finding out that a new version is on its way.

Serge Levin confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that he is working on a screenplay he co-wrote with actor Johnathon Schaech and here is what he had to say:

Our adaptation is a modern rendition of Herbert West, ‘Reanimator’ by H.P. Lovecraft. Moreover, we’re making sure that the spirit and the story elements are more loyal to the original written material of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s much darker, more thought provoking, and definitely more grounded in science than the first adaptation. It will be a true horror film with some neat sci-fi layers. Staying more true to the short story, we will have Major Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee, as one of the characters from the original written material. Many other story and character elements that I don’t want to reveal yet…resonate with the H.P. Lovecraft’s original version

And here is the official film’s synopsis:

Pursued by the police, an ambitious neuroscientist uses a neutrino impulse to bring his dead wife back to life, unintentionally unlocking within her dormant powers that threaten the existence of everyone he knows.

Re-Animator is rightly considered an 80’s horror classic which spawned two sequels, Bride of Re-Animator (which many fans believe is even better than the first) and Beyond Re-Animator, which came out to less fanfare in 2003.

For years there as been speculation of a new sequel, with rumours of a White House setting, but nothing came to it and one of the biggest shocks is that Schaech will take over the lead role of Herbert West, which if you a huge fan like me, I just can’t see that role as anyone else other than Jeffrey Combs, so already a big fat negative for me, but I hope to be proven wrong!

At least horror veterans Lin Shaye and Brad Dourif have agreed to join up in some capacity.

Spoilt your day?  We let you know more as we get it!




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  1. Could go one way or the other…staying away from the 80s vibe of the film is probably a good thing…it might merit being made if its darker and true to the Lovecraft feel. Then again it may just fall into typical modern horror styling and be a complete waste of time

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