Though Adam Wingard’s sequel/remake doesn’t seem like it will be the huge hit expected, there is still considerable interest in the Blair Witch franchise and the original film’s co-director and writer Eduardo Sanchez recently revealed to Found Footage Critic that he shot 19 hours of footage out of which the theatrical version was cut together, and that:

“During the original process of the editing of the film we started off with a 3 hour cut and then we trimmed it down to about 2.5 hours, and that was the first time we showed it to an audience. We knew it was way too long. We knew we were going to have to cut at least an hour out of the movie. So we showed the movie and it was a good reaction. It was definitely too long, but that was really the first time where people had seen it like that and just kind of experienced this thing, which was a 2.5 hour version of Blair Witch.”

I think unfortunately the 2.5-hour version that we screened originally we haven’t been able to find anywhere. That’s just what happens when you have to reuse Beta SP tapes because you have no money. We’d have to go back and figure out where the files are and all that stuff. And it would be a nightmare. But yeah, I think in a couple of weeks I could probably take the original movie and edit a longer version if I wanted to. I know the fans are like ‘everybody wants to see it.’ It would be cool to do, honestly. I wouldn’t hesitate to do that if for some reason Lionsgate hired me to do that. I think it would a lot of fun.”

However, Lionsgate don’t seem too interested, so, says Sanchez:

“Start a petition . . . if I can get enough interest from the fans, I can bring it to Lionsgate Films’ attention.”

If you feel like signing, just click on the Blair Witch Project Director Seeks Fan Support for Petition to Lionsgate words below!

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