LATEST MOVIES: Campbell happy that his Ash never faced Freddy and Jason!


When Freddy VS Jason was released and made some money at the box-office, there was talk of what next the franchise’s big fight could be.  At first there were talks to bring Michael Myers into the fold, but the studio had plans to bring Rob Zombie in and recreate the Haddonfield night for a whole generation.  The talks then moved to the character of Ash from the Evil Dead films which bought a whole level of excitement for fans everywhere.

Ash VS Freddy and Jason….. I am there!  But sadly the concept never got to the film stage, instead moving on to a six part comic book event that is worth the read for those who haven’t.

Actor Bruce Campbell who plays Ash is happy though it never came to work!

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m not real interested in crossovers. One of the main reasons why ‘Ash vs. Jason vs. Freddy’ did not come to pass is because we couldn’t control any other character other than Ash. That felt like a creatively bankrupt way to go. Not to mention, you’re splitting the proceeds three ways with partners you might not want.

Eventually its worked out for Campbell who is back playing Ash in the hit TV Show Ash VS Evil Dead while Freddy and Jason are stuck in limbo!


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