Latest Movies: Chucky 7 is happening!!!!!!!!!!!


We have been waiting for some news and its finally been answered, as Child’s Play 7 is happening!

Over on Twitter, The main man of the whole franchise (no not Chucky) creator Don Mancini, as confirmed he is in fact storyboarding the film, which means that a script is done.

Now we have no idea what the story is about and Mancini has cleverly used Chucky and Tiff’s son Glen in a Tweet….


but what we do know is that Jennifer Tilly and Brad Dourif is returning along with his daughter Fiona who starred in the brilliant last film Curse Of Chucky.

I can’t wait for this!  After the misguided Seed Of Chucky, the franchise rediscovered its mojo with the last film and Chucky himself is the only iconic slasher bogeyman left that as not suffered the dreaded remake, with each film still cannon from when it was first released, even though we saw Tilly back in her human body, which suggested that Curse was in fact a prequel to Bride.

Any more news on this and of course we bring it to you.


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  1. Aw I can’t wait for this! But I thought Jennifer Tilly was just playing the possessed actress, Jennifer Tilly from ‘Seed of Chucky’?

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