LATEST MOVIES: How Chucky got his voice!


Child’s Play would you believe, is the only franchise left that is still true to its roots!

Freddy, Michael, Jason, Leatherface, Pinhead and Ghostface have all gone off and become remakes, creating a whole new different timeline, while Chucky is still on the same path and for that alone, what a Good Guy he is!

With Curse Of Chucky, becoming a huge hit and a new film in development, the man who does the voice of the killer doll, Brad Dourif has explained how he become involved in the franchise!

What happened is when they did the first Child’s Play, I was doing Mississippi Burning at the time, and they needed me to go to the studio, which, of course, I couldn’t go to because I was on set working, so they got somebody else. They just couldn’t wait around. They got this guy, and him and Tom Holland did the whole movie, and they stood up and they laughed their asses off, and apparently it was really funny, and they loved it, and they put it in front of an audience, and the audience hated it. They f****** hated it.”

“…I listened to what they did, and I just said, ‘It’s very clear why this doesn’t work. You can’t really play it comedically. He’s serious, and what’s funny is funny.’ The ‘f*** you’ on the elevator, that was just improv. I said, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. I know what to do here.’ It wasn’t like we were against something that’s funny. Everything is about the event, and Chucky’s always had to be a little camp. He’s never not been camp. It’s been a huge part of what’s made him successful. It eventually went into total self-referential, which was Bride and Seed, and now that everybody’s doing remakes, it’s gone back to being scarier.”

Its quite surreal to know that there was once a film with Chucky having a total different voice, as Dourif is now ingrained in the minds of every horror fan as the killer Charles Lee Ray, who ended up in a doll’s body.

We at HCF are looking forward to hearing his killer tone when the next Chucky film arrives!

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