LATEST MOVIES: Max Landis is not happy with Power Rangers and its easy to see why!


When I first watched the trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers re-boot, I immediately went on Twitter to post how much it seems to rip off a certain film.  Now it seems the writer of that very film has also noticed the blatant riff and as  expressed his apparent anger at the whole thing.

Watch the trailer for Power Rangers first and see what you think:

Now, by watching that, can you not see that it resembles a certain film called Chronicle?

Well many have, including the writer of that much loved film, who was hired in fact to write a draft on the new Power Rangers re-boot but was then let go.  Here is what he had to say:

“Yeah, it appears they hired the writer of Chronicle and he wrote a Power Rangers movie, so they fired him and made Chronicle instead” I wrote a silly, fun, goofy retro teen action adventure movie. They fired me, and five or so writers later, it appears they made Chronicle.”

You can not help but see his point.  The similarities are quite shocking and while Landis hints that his script for the planned film would have been more in tune of the source material we all know, its easy to see that the studio have gone on the serious and dark tone, which does play our more like a Chronicle 2 than the naff 90’s show everyone seemed to love back in the days.

We all have to wait and see how Power Rangers plays out when it hits cinema on March 24th 2017.

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  1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were just some ordinary kids who could kick ass, especially well in their Ranger suits and operated their own zords. Since when did they have super powers?!
    I’m gonna stick my VHS tape of the original flick on. This remake is everything Power Rangers isn’t. And yes, very much Chronicle ripoff.

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