LATEST MOVIES: Original director of Candyman interested in a proper sequel!


Only a quick news story this, but a very intriguing one for fans of horror.

The 1992 horror film Candyman is rightly considered as a horror classic, but the franchise has stalled since the last sequel Day Of The Dead flopped badly in 1998.

There have been rumours of a remake for years, but original director of the classic Bernard Rose has expressed interest in making a proper sequel to his film.

I would love to do the proper sequel. There are all sorts of reasons why it’s never happened. I think it would be great, but of course unfortunately I don’t control the rights; otherwise, I would just do it.

We very much doubt this will happen of course and we more likely to have a re-boot than a 4th film, but we are intrigued and wondering just what Rose could do if he was giving the money and the deal to make this happen!

Until then, we just have to say his name five times if we want to see Candyman in front of our eyes!


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