Despite the fact that its director David Lynch still refuses to talk about it, and that it was mucked about with by the studio, I’m a big fan of his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune, it’s bonkers and beautiful and unique. I still dream of the day when he will do his own cut, or when somebody will [officially] remove the editing flaws from the extended TV version, as all the extra footage belongs in the film. Then again, I’m the kind of odd person who is even sadder that Alejandro Jodorowsky never got to make his version, which I think would have been one of the most amaing movies ever. By contrast the 2000 mini-series may have contained more of the book, but was hopelessly sunk by the crazy idea that you can do this particular book on a small budget, and let’s not get into the acting.

Anyway, it seems that, following on from rumours which surfaced back in 2010, Dune is going to be filmed again. Legendary has picked up both the film and the TV rights to the book, saying that its agreement calls for the development and production of possible film and TV projects for a global audience.

Now what this exactly means isn’t yet clear. Considering how dense the book is, you just can’t faithfully turn it into a movie unless you do a ‘Peter Jackson’ and turn it into two or three, but the book translated almost verbatim onto the screen would result in a very slow moving picture that would probably not attract a mass audience [mnd you, neither did the 1984 version which sped through the story]. I would say that doing a full-blown TV series is the best thing to do. With several sequel books to cover in the future, it could go on for ages. But film and TV? Does the studio intend to do both? Interesting….


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