Indiegogo Campaign Launched For Post-Apocalyptic Feature NIGHTSATAN


An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched for feature film NIGHTSATAN.

The filmmakers want to create the ultimate post-apocalyptic synthesizer adventure but need your help! They’re looking to raise $60,000 for working on designing the sets, props and fashion of this extraordinary wasteland epic. The retro futuristic look and style of the film is a crucial surface for the characters’ satirical journeys into their damned souls.

“Nightsatan” is a fresh, violent and exciting post-apocalyptic adventure feature-length movie. The film is set in the radiating wastelands of Karelia in the musical year 2037. The synthesizer band Nightsatan, a trio of synth warriors, encounter the sinister DJ witch called Louhi, who rules the wastelands with her two giant war machines and a mind controlled army of undead techno slaves. She steals melodies and creates horrible techno remixes out of them. The confrontation between Nightsatan and DJ Louhi, a huge battle, splits up the band, who are strong together and weak apart. Nightsatan’s synth wizard Mazathoth literally loses his head, but doesn’t die. Nightsatan will have to find each other and themselves in order to conquer their foe, who threatens to disintegrate the Aether, the universal fabric of sound.

Those looking to support the Nightsatanic synth quest can do so on Indiegogo and choose from a great collection of carefully designed perks.

Check out the award-winning short film Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom below which gives you a taste of what to expect from the feature film.

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