Latest Movies: We may not have seen the last of Ghostbusters!


Us fans have to realise that our dreams of seeing a proper Ghostbusters III are long gone, especially with the sad death of Harold Ramis in 2014.

Its safe to say now that the reboot was either loved or hated as it divided opinion among fans and film critics and the box-office was pretty poor as its been reported that SONY may have lost over $70m after the takings were counted!

For months now its been said that any hope for a sequel were over but producer Ivan Reitman who also directed the original two films have claimed that there are plans afoot for more films in the franchise!

“There’s going to be many other Ghostbusters movies, they’re just in development right now”

So what does he mean?

Paul Feig has recently expressed his interest in doing a sequel to his movie and SONY have yet to confirm that this is either a pipe dream or a reality, but there are rumours that the studio is still pushing ahead with an animated film and a TV Show, but again we have no concrete proof of this.

All we know is that there are plans behind the studio to keep this franchise alive and well, in what form though?  We have to wait and see!

It does seem though that one day we all be shouting “Who ya gonna call!” one more time!

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