LATEST TV: Sorry Walking Dead Fans: No Quick Respite For Rick and Co As Negan Is Confirmed For Season 8.


With viewing figures dwindling rapidly within The Walking Dead’s Season 7 run, there have been suggestions that fans have been put off by the lack of justice being served towards the new bad guy Negan, who continues to swing his bat and has power over the people we have grown to love!

With many wanting revenge on him for his actions in the Season Premiere, most were hoping it would come very soon, especially with the mid season break approaching, but hold onto your Sheriff hats guys, because Negan is going nowhere! How do we know?  Well the guy who plays him has just admitted it!

Jeffery Dean Morgan has confirmed that there is loads of Negan to go yet and he has already signed up for Season 8.

“I know I will be on board for Season 8.  We’ve finished Season 7 a week ago.  The Next two I’m really big in.  I am fucking heavy in those!”

Many avid readers of the long running comic books will tell you that there are loads of stories yet to tell about Negan and the TV Show counterpart is just making the character live up to the hype.

Will this please fans who have a deep thirst for revenge on the new ruler, only time and the viewing figures will tell!


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  1. I’m glad this story is going into another season, and I’m glad JDM is staying as Negan.

    The walking dead isn’t a perfect show. It’s been very hit and miss since season 2 I think, but the problem with a lot of people these days is that they want everything now now now and they can’t be patient and let a story develop.

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