LATEST TV: The Questions Left To Answer As The Missing Delivers Its Most Shocking And Horrific Twist Yet!

The Missing

Apologies all round as HCF are very late to the party when it comes to the BBC’s must watch and horrific The Missing!

With so much on at the moment, the show passed me by for weeks until a close friend informed me that I needed to watch as its one of 2016’s best programmes.  Thanks to BBC IPLAYER (and no guys this is not an ad for that service), I settled down to watch the first episode and found myself gripped by what was unfolding in front of me.  With endless amounts of reality shows and soaps, The Missing shows that when they want too, the BBC can match anyone in the world for when it comes to quality storytelling, its just a pity they don’t do it enough.

If you haven’t bothered with the show, then get on BBC IPLAYER now, I am telling you its one of the few shows in my entire life of TV watching that has left me dumbfounded with what I am seeing.  Twists after twists, its a wonderful show that tips its toes into the horror genre and will leave the casual viewer in shock.  Don’t worry if you have not seen season one, because I haven’t (that will change in the next 2 weeks) as its a separate story to what we seeing now and as have reached the last episode, viewers were left stunned last night when the show revealed its final and most shocking twist!

So for those who haven’t seen and are curious, stop reading…..but those who are up to date, read on:



So have you recovered yet?

That final shot of Alice being very much alive after all these years was a stunning final scene that left my mouth hitting the floor in shock!  It also leaves a lot of questions that needs answering!

  • If Alice is alive, then who was the burnt girl in the shed?  The missing third girl?  But if so,  here comes the next question?
  • If Alice is alive, then how when Sophie pretending to be Alice burnt down the shed with the mystery body inside, is Alice’s DNA found later on?
  • Why is the now revealed Sophie keeping the real Alice locked and chained?
  • We have now discovered what happened in 1991, and its clear Henry was feeling guilty over their actions, but why when pretending to be Alice, did Sophie leave flowers on his grave? was he somehow involved in the kidnappings a few years later?
  • Who is the mother of the little girl?  Sophie or Alice?
  • Will anyone notice that Jorn is missing and dead from a drill to his head?
  • Will the bastard Adam finally get caught?
  • And will there be a third series?


That’s just a taster of so much that needs to be revealed in next week’s episode.  But one thing is for certain.  Its going to be one heck of a rollercoaster for everyone involved!

The final episode will air next Wednesday at 9pm.  BBC One!


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